The 3D Crystal Rectangle

If you’re looking for a crystal showpiece that will blend in with any decor, the 3D Crystal Rectangle is the way to go. Its elegant design is sure to impress and is the perfect present for a birthday or housewarming. You can even laser-engrave it for an extra special touch.

Portrait or landscape setting

The 3D Crystal Rectangle is a fantastic way to display your photographs. You can choose a landscape or portrait orientation, which is ideal for either individual photos or larger groups of people. You can even add text to personalize your crystals. Your recipients will be amazed when they see your personalised crystals. Whether it’s for a birthday gift or to celebrate an anniversary, there are sizes available to fit your needs.

A 3D photo crystal portrait is a great way to remember a special occasion. It also makes a perfect gift, collectable, or award. Using the laser engraving process, the crystals enhance every photo in a way that’s unique. The resulting 3D image has millions of points of detail. These crystals come in either a landscape or portrait orientation, making them the ideal choice for any occasion.

Laser engraved

You can memorialize your special moments with a laser engraved 3D crystal rectangle. These personalized keepsakes are a beautiful way to commemorate your wedding day. You can use them to celebrate important milestones like the anniversary of your first kiss or to remember your wedding day. The possibilities are endless!

A 3D laser engraved crystal rectangle can be hung in landscape or portrait orientation and can be used as a paperweight or display mantel. It also makes a lovely conversation piece. Guests will love it and ask you about it!


A 3D crystal rectangle can be a great way to display a photo. They can be oriented vertically or horizontally. This makes them ideal for larger photos with a lot of people or for striking 3D effects. To make this product more personal, customers can choose to have their photo engraved onto the crystal.

These crystals are typically given as gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. They also make wonderful corporate gifts and promotional paperweights. They are also perfect for event memorabilia. When engraved with a special message, they are a great way to commemorate the moments in life.


The 3D Crystal Rectangle is a special type of wedding memento. You can have your wedding date or other special moments laser etched on it. This is a great way to remember the day forever. The price of this memento may be high, but it will be well worth it in the end.

The 3D Crystal Rectangle is also a great way to display photos. You can place your photo on the crystal in either portrait or landscape view. The photo will appear as a still 3D replica, and a 3D “following” effect will appear in the background.